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Dr. S.S. Katewa - PrincipalDr. S.S. Katewa
M K Saboo PG College of Commerce, Pilani
Dear Students,
I, on behalf of our college fraternity, congratulate you on taking admission to this prestigious institution. We recognize that choosing your institution of higher learning is one of the most important decisions that you have made in your life. As conceived in the vision and mission statement, the college is dedicated to ensuring rich future via facilitating and promoting higher education. In nearly five decades of its existence, the college has grown dynamically and has evolved as a premier institute in the arena of higher education. We at M.K. Saboo College aim at providing a solid foundation for a life-time of academic and personal development.
It is a known fact that life is what you think it should be. The quality of thinking is a major factor in determining the quality of your life as a student. The thoughts that pass through our mind are responsible for everything that happen in our life. Indulge yourself in a brief self-introspection, identify your accomplishments and evaluate them against the goals determined. It will significantly help in determining both the right goals as well as choosing the means for attaining the same. Clearly defined goals, positive attitude and faith in your capabilities, supported by an untiring commitment and toil could create wonders for you.
Positivity is key to success. Always think positive, see positive, hear positive and act positive. This will enhance your professional as well as personal well-being. This will also help in developing a beautiful and cheerful frame of mind that conceives beautiful things for the growth and progress of happy family, society and a happy and healthy Nation, of which you are one of the important constituents.
With best wishes,


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