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Geography Lab

Geography lab plays a pivotal role in enriching geographical base of a student- a necessary part of learning that exposes students to full spectrum of disciplinary subfields- physical, human and nature-society geography as well as geographical techniques. The lab is well equipped with a series of maps, topographic sheets and variety of survey equipments like tracing table, thermometers, barometer, magnetic compass, electric globe, anemometer, wind wane, standard time indicator and wet and dry bulb thermometers. CDs related to different topics are also kept in the lab.

Key Features-
•    Well lit, vast, well ventilated & spacious room.
•    Availability of big advanced 3D maps.
•    Fully furnished .
•    Can accommodate 30 students at a time.
•    Big Trace tables.
•    Availability of glowing globes & digital maps.
•    Availability of all the equipments for both U.G &P.G classes (more than five sets of Plain Tables, Prismatic Compass, Theodolite, Dumpy Levels ).
•    Availability of Charts,Practical Files (both handmade & readymade) for reference.
•    Availability of Practical Books of numerous authors for reference.
•    Teaching by Projector once a month.


Geography Lab

geography labgeography lab


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Rajgarh Road, Pilani (Jhunjhunu) Rajasthan 333031

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